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DIGIApp Technologies is more than just another extension of your team: we are your go-to IT experts.

We take your technology from sub-par(or worse), to highly optimal and strategic, delivering stress-free and trusted coverage across your organization.

DiGiApp Technologies has been providing IT services
for more than 5 years to WI companies in a variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare and also, Finance, and has been providing Application Development services since 2005.

Our presence means our customers receive the highest level of service and security. DiGiApp Technologies is dedicated to approaching all of its services from a security-first perspective. Our 360 degree security, coupled with our expertise in the Information Technology industry, enables us to properly recommend a secured and tailored yet flexible solution(s) to meet each of our customers’ unique needs.

Understanding how to best leverage and invest strategically in the newest technologies often becomes one of the most valuable decisions an organization will make. DiGiApp Technologies welcomes the opportunity to work with you throughout the entire evaluation process. We’re confident our customized solutions will be the right fit for you and your business.

Our team delivers value that far exceeds any other provider. We deliver industry-leading, industry-innovating IT security and management and we marry it perfectly with application development, marketing integration and strategic vision. We don’t just cover your business needs: we become an investment in your organization’s growth.

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