DIGIAPP technologies Software Architecture & Development

Custom Software

Full Stack Development combines modern software development methods, technology and architecture. Being in control of your entire stack is a must for heterogeneous, multi-technology applications built for today’s interactive application landscape.

Software Security Services

Essential security services for all modern businesses. DIGIApp combines business and technical expertise to provide an integrated and logical framework for software security across our client’s platforms and exposure points.

Industrial Security Services

DIGIApp Technologies secures the systems and technologies that control some of our country’s most important infrastructure, both public and private. Protecting your programmable logic controllers should be a top priority for any manufacturing or utility organization. DIGIApp can help.

ERP Application Management

Through years of experience and integrations, DIGIApp has been at the forefront of enterprise strategy and technology integration solutions. The diverse set of needs our clients have trusted us with have produced a wealth of know-how and expertise.

Internet of Things

The growing and evolving combination of IoT with the technology of our daily lives continues to provide businesses with enhanced comfort and efficiency, better decision making and increased opportunities for revenue generation.

Information Management and BI Solutions

The lack of a proper Information Management strategy and systems is costing countless businesses and organizations money and resources. DIGIApp can help ensure your staff is informed and decisions are well made.

Mobile and Cross Platform Development

DIGIApp has provided a tested and tried method and process to deliver success for our client’s mobile and web platforms while leveraging best-in-class technology and proven UX genius.

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